Holy shit my Aunt is WASTED

I think your aunt just won life

I needed more than 6 seconds of this

four different family members has shared this on Facebook, each from a different source.


You should see the windows. The are more than a dozen holes just in the East side of the building. Plus the building next door had bullets pass through a window and a wall before lodging in an interior wall.

(Hospital mentioned in article is literally one block away from that Wendy’s)

Review of the remaining 3 products from my august ipsy bag.

Coastal Scent Forever Blush….is awesome. so pigmented. I put it on at 7am on a bare cheek, nothing underneath it and it was still there come 5pm. Some say it is comparable to Nars blush.

Lord & Berry kajal silk eyeliner. very soft and creamy and goes on easily however it travels to my under eye even when I don’t line the bottom lash line.

You’re the Balm lip balm- green apple. scented but not flavored, which is what I preferr. lightweight not tacky. nice lip balm even though I don’t like using tinned lip products.



Is there something on my face?

I should probably explain myself.

When I opened my John figure there was a paint defect on his nose. It looked like paint was missing or they had painted an awful white shine which I didn’t like, especially since my Sherlock figure didn’t have that mark. So Big Chief asked me to send back the head and they would send a replacement. There’s actually a large paint mark on the back of John’s neck piece too that I only noticed when I had to remove his head but it’s covered by the shirt collar pretty well so I’m just not going to bring it up since this has been a major hassle…

This poor blokes’ gotta be without his head for a little while. Until then, there’s no reason I can’t have a spot of fun with him like this!


Why am I not surprised?



"Why am I not surprised? I mean, look at them, Pep! How did I not see it?" Tony exclaimed.

Words: 2, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers’

I call bullshit. I didn’t notice the word count. All it says is coming soon.

I mean look at those tags. They are setting up a whole lot of expectations for a fic that doesn’t exist yet.